It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Tax Season!

No? Just me then? Okay.

I do my own taxes. Always have. What’s more, I like doing my taxes. Granted, that probably has something to do with the couple grand I’m getting back, but whatever.

Every year, on that blessed day that you can start filing (and I have accumulated all my slips) I sit down, punch in a few numbers, and am rewarded with that glorious negative amount owing.

It’s beautiful.

This year will probably be my last receiving a huge return (my leftover education amounts are now gone), so I’m soaking up all the fun until next year, when I inevitably join the rest of the tax-hating adult population.

By noon, my taxes had been filed and I plugged in that beautiful return number into my finances for next month (yes, I keep a finance note going accounting for each and every dollar I have/plan to have – I love money. So shoot me).

After I made sure that by the end of next month my $30,000 student loan will be paid off (THAT’S RIGHT!), I decided to reward myself with some online shopping. Future plans include planning a trip, and probably more online shopping. Maybe I’ll even save some money, too. Gotta build that RRSP up for next year’s refund.

Moral of this post: Taxes aren’t all bad. When you’re a recent grad, they’re more like a “We’re sorry we charged so much for your education,” make-up gift from the government. It almost makes up for the fact that my $50,000+ education is currently hanging on my wall in a $10 frame. Almost.



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