Review: How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Finale

So, for anyone who doesn’t watch HTGAWM, you should start. Yesterday. Two years ago. Seriously, go watch. It’s TV cocaine. For those who do, I’m sure you’re feeling a whole bunch of WHAT??? and OMG!!! and AWWW! s. This week’s finally was a whopping two hours of drama, complete with a final twist and some tear-inducing moments.

First off, I have been certain, absolutely sure that Wes wasn’t really dead for weeks. Ever since the “It’s Christophe” phone call, I was convinced that the season would end with a dramatic Wes cameo shot.

Clearly, I was wrong.

Part one was really about Connor, and how he broke my heart with all his feelings and good intentions. He confessed to everyone about his role in the murder and even tried to atone by offering to testify. Touching. I love emotional Connor. His character is so juicy and complex. He’s always been one of my favourites. It was at the very end that things started to get good. The classic “let me just call this random number and… Oh! Hey! The other phone is RIGHT HERE” was executed fabulously, and I cheered the whole time, complete with squeals of excitement and clapping.

Then we got to part two and things got goooood. By this point, the bad guy has been revealed (it was Denver, dun duuun) and he has started a new evil mission (kidnapping Connor, duuuunnnn duun). Denver also delivered my favourite line of the episode: “You get blanket immunity and a sandwich.” Pretty good deal, yeah?

Other notable moments came from my favourite comedic relief: Ahser. Cue to Asher munching on Cheetos and Asher’s adorable I love yous to Michaela. Precious.

Those things almost made up for the “let’s blame Wes for everything!” part and the fact that he died via suffocation. Lame. Not impressed. But I’ll let it slide because Annalise was BADASS pitching her deal to Denver. Really, Viola Davis is just a star. So much talent.

But, I still want to know what was up with the “It’s Christophe” call. I would have bet money he was calling secret Grandmummy. The who’s the real daddy twist was also a win in my book. So much creepier and it gave a whole new side to Sylvia Mahoney that made her relatable. I feel like we aren’t done with her yet. See you soon, girl.

I also feel the need to mention Frank and his out-of-prison-by-association thing. I used to like Frank. He was sexy and badass, but now he’s a sad little puppy. I keep waiting for him to do something a little more exciting. I see what they’re trying to do with the character, but his willingness to fall on the knife and then jump in front of the train and then still get back up so he can dive into the fire is a bit much. I miss seeing his face as Ben on Buffy. Those were the days.

Love was a big theme in this episode, too (when is it not a big theme?). From Oliver’s big proposal to Asher and Michaela’s worst-timing-ever bathroom I love you.

The ending: Laurel finally snapped. It’s been a long time coming. Gun in hand, girl was ready to take matters into her own hands. UNTIL WES’S KILLER SHOWS UP AND HUGS HER? WTF? WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WAS HER DAD? YOU MEAN THE MOBSTER-NOT-A-MOBSTER?

Yeah, that needed to be in all caps.

Overall, the finale gets a 9/10 from me. I was tempted to give it an 8, but the random Laurel’s dad toss-in at the end bumped it back up. I cannot believe I have to wait, what? six months? for season four. Pretty sure that qualifies as some kind of sick torture, but whatever.




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