Review: Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

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Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater is a follow-up novel to the Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy featuring Isabel and Cole in L.A. Unlike the original trilogy, I think this would be more of a YA romance rather than a science fiction book. Plot: Manic-depressive boy loves angry girl who fears intimacy. Girl loves boy back, but won’t admit it. Dramatic incidents occur.

My biggest issue with the novel was the timeline. It was drunk. As in, it made zero sense. From beginning to end, I don’t think Stiefvater really knew when her book was taking place. I notice this a lot in YA books, and it drives me up-the-wall insane.

Moving on.

I really wanted to like this book, because I loved both Cole and Isabel from the original trilogy. Actually, they were the only redeeming part. I did enjoy Sinner to some degree, more than the first three books, but not enough to put it on my favourites or my must re-read lists. I found that there was a lack of real/interesting plot in the book. Even the romantic chapters were a little lack-luster and anticlimactic.

Two brand new characters were introduced in Sinner, Isabel’s cousin, Sophia, and Cole’s driver, Leon. Both were a little on the meh side, but what really annoyed me was that neither character really got a proper ending. They were introduced, developed, and then seemingly disappeared. Fell off a cliff. Whoops, bye! What happened to them? Were their issues resolved? Who the hell knows?

Finally, the ending: I found it hasty and random. I do love me some HEAs, but I have no idea how the characters got there. For a book that was pretty good at diving into the characters’ mindsets, it sort of dropped the ball right at the end. The epilogue was just a big fat WTF for me – see my comment about the drunk timeline.

In the end, Sinner was better than the trilogy. It was fast-ish paced and had enough romance/drama to keep me reading. I wouldn’t necessarily re-visit the book, but it’s not totally off the table. It had a few memorable quotes. My favourite was said by Cole, right at the end, as part of a song:

do i match your shoes

your hair

your face

Overall rating: 7/10



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