Review: Charmed Aroma Candles

I recently gave in and bought a few Charmed Aroma candles. I’m not a ring person, so I opted for the necklace and earring candles.

First up, the Vanilla Bean necklace candle.


I couldn’t decide if I loved the smell at first, but after it had been burning away for a couple of hours, it grew on me. It was a light, soothing smell that oozed relaxation. It took two days and about ten hours before I got close to the silver tinfoil protector. Then I dove !

Unfortunately, I now need new tweezers because the glue attaching the tinfoil to the glass ruined them. Poor things have seen much, much better days. Oh well. The glue also caused the foil to rip, making a giant mess of melted wax. When I got over that (and washed my hands for ten minutes), I revealed my necklace.

Alas, it’s not really my style, but that’s the gamble. That’s not to say it’s ugly, I just don’t love it. Maybe I’ll wear it now and then. According to the site, the value was $60. I’m not sure I believe that – we’ll have to see if it turns me green if/when I wear it.

Next up, the Sweet Berries earring candle!

This smell was insta-love. It was sweet and delightful and it filled my room with the scent of fruity angels. Other than the fact that the wax melted weird (the picture above was taken after some much-needed candle-mutilation) and ended up with weird black ashes in it, I liked the Sweet Berries way better than the Vanilla Bean. The tinfoil was also much easier to remove this time around. It took about twelve hours to reveal (over the span of four days). Now the goods:


Pretty, right? These are way more up my alley. I don’t even own a pair like them, which is a huge bonus! The value of the earrings was also $60 – still unsure if I believe it, but at least I’ll get my money’s worth with these.

Overall rating: 5/10.

I think Charmed Aroma is a toss-up. I usually get my candles from Bath and Body Works for $10-$15 each when they are on sale. So, close to $30 is a bit much if the jewellery inside isn’t your style. What I did love about the candles was the excitement. I have never been so pumped about lighting up a candle before. That alone makes it hard to regret the purchase. Would I buy one again? Maybe if I could get one with free shipping and a discount code. For first timers, I’d say dish out the money around a holiday when you can give one as a gift and keep a couple of others to try for yourself.

You’re paying for the experience here, not the goods.



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