Review: Beautiful Wedding by Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Wedding is a novella that takes place near the end of Beautiful Disaster. It’s a NA romance focusing on Travis and Abby’s elopement to Vegas.

So, I’ve never actually read a novella before. At least, I’ve never bought a novella before. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. The story was sweet, and fun to read simply because I loved the main book so much. It lacked a real plot though, and it sort of sucked to read something that was so predictable (obviously I already knew what/how everything went down). The novellas that I’ve read in the past have been additional stories, whereas this was more like a deleted scene that should have been in the main book.

One thing I noticed while reading was that this novella didn’t hold back. It was more steamy/graphic than BD and WD were. Not that this was bad, but it didn’t exactly flow with the other books. Flow was a common issue I had here, particularly the out-of-left-field ending. I know it takes place a year later, but it just seemed random. Kara, really? Where was Finch? WTF? Definitely not McGuire’s finest work. It was like she just wanted to write as much as she could and stopped caring halfway through WD. She should have just stopped after Travis’s book and called it a day for the couple’s story.

It occurred to me in this book just how much cash the two have. I know Travis was a fighter, but how could he pull in that much money? And Abby? Last I heard she gave all her money to her dad. How does she afford tuition? It’s just a little unrealistic, but whatever.

Finally, I feel bad for Shepley. Poor guy really got the short end, losing his income and his own place, just so Travis could get his happy ending. I really hope Something Beautiful gives me some happy news for him and America.

Overall rating: 7/10. I’d have given it a 6, but I still love Travis and Abby, so I threw in a pity point. Love is blind, what can I say?



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