Book Rating Guide (with examples)

It occurred to me today that while I post a lot of reviews, I have never actually defined my rating system. Allow me to elaborate:

1 – Awful. A book that I was likely forced (or asked) to read, and which I could not finish. (EX: Pretty much anything Shakespeare. Sorry, classic lovers. I just can’t).

2 – Still awful. A book that I only finished reading because I had no choice. Think school assignments, ect. (EX: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Terrible book. Don’t. Just…don’t).

3 – Lame. These are the books that I should have liked, because I picked them out myself, but which I just couldn’t bring myself to finish. That’s how sucky they are. Money down the drain. (EX: The Iron King series. I made it through 1-3, and gave up on #4).

4 – Unimpressed. A book I gave a chance to, not knowing what to expect. I may or may not have finished it. It gets ranked slightly higher than a book that I had high hopes for. (EX: Utopia).

5 – Eh. The book probably took me a while to read, and I won’t be repeating the mistake. It’s likely in a genre that I like, meaning it did 1-2 things right. It passes, but barely. (EX: The Chemical Garden trilogy).

6 – Meh. I probably really wanted to like the book, but I just didn’t feel it. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good, either. These books won’t be getting a re-read. They are now bookshelf accessories. (EX: the Matched trilogy. Book 1 was good, and then…nope).

7 – Good. Something grasped my attention, but not enough to make me fall in love. These are toss-up books. I’ll probably re-read them eventually, but not any time soon. (EX: The Selection series).

8 – Great. These are books I will definitely re-read within the next few years. They aren’t quite obsession-worthy, but they definitely make me feel some kind of emotional connection. (EX: the Gone series).

9 – Love. A definite must re-read (probably within 1-2 years). Great characters, great story, great everything. Tears have likely been shed. (EX: The Hunger Games trilogy).

10 – L O V E D. LOVED. A new obsession. These are the books that I miss once I am finished, and have a strong desire to re-read immediately after. (EX: The Lunar Chronicles).

11 – Out of this world. You can’t even put it on a 1-10 scale, because it’s that good. (EX: I literally made this category for Harry Potter, because 10 wasn’t good enough).



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