Review: Something Beautiful by Jamie McGuire

Something Beautiful is McGuire’s second novella in the Beautiful Disaster series, a NA romance looking at America and Shepley’s relationship. The plot: The two have been having a rough time since moving in together, not to mention America’s rejection of Shep’s proposal. Hoping that a road trip will fix their problems – and prompt another proposal – the two face their greatest challenge yet: inclimate weather.

I didn’t know when to read this, so I decided to read if after Beautiful Wedding and before starting the Maddox Brothers series. There were spoilers in this novella, so I feel like my reading order may have been off.

I never know what to expect from novellas, but this one was a pleasant surprise. While I was skeptical of the jumpy timeline at first, it did a good job of showing the reader all the swoon-worthy/important moments in less than 100 pages.

It was weird to finally get a glimpse into America’s mind. I knew she was spicy and electric, but I didn’t realize she was so sexually forward. It was actually a bit shocking, especially after the way Travis described her in his book. I’m not sure if this was an author’s mistake, or if it was an intentional way to show a bit more of Shepley’s character in that he didn’t talk about his intimate moments with America. I hope it was the latter, because the other option is sloppy and I don’t want to think such bad things about McGuire and her writing.

This was also the first installment of the series that actually made me shed a tear. The ending really was perfect. My only real complaint is that even though they weren’t the stars, Abby and Travis seemed to be more important than America and Shepley. This was their time to shine, and I felt like they were still sidekicks whenever Trabby showed up. I sort of wish that they had a full book just to themselves.

All in all, I loved America and Shepley’s voices. I loved them in BD, and now I love them even more. Their relationship is  more natural than Trabby’s, even though I originally thought they moved too fast. I love both couples, for completely different reasons.

Overall rating: 8/10. 



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