Review: Beautiful Sacrifice by Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Sacrifice is the third Maddox Brothers book, focusing on Taylor, the oldest of the twins. It’s told from the POV of Falyn Fairchild, an ex rich girl with a troubled past.

I just have to say… I have mixed feelings about the book. For the first half, I really enjoyed what McGuire was putting out there. Falyn was a decent character, and Taylor was amusing. I loved the little twist about the player finally getting played, although I did predict the big secret very early on (page 24, to be exact). I’m pretty good at predicting book endings, though, so I’m not going to fault the author too much for this one.

My real issue came closer to the end. I’m going to talk about spoilers here, just because I have to in order to convey my rage and dismay. That’s right – I am ENRAGED.

In Beautiful Redemption, we learned that Taylor had cheated, but not really cheated on his girlfriend. I had been annoyed when I read that, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt, because I wanted to like him. Then we find out the whole story. The SOB hadn’t even been dumped. Falyn just wanted them to take a one week break so that Taylor could figure out if he would be okay not having kids. Reasonable. Kind, even.

I’m having Ross and Rachel flashbacks here.

A break is not a breakup, asshole. IT ISN’T. UGH!!!

He waited four goddamn days before screwing someone else. FOUR. I could have, maybe, gotten past that. He was upset, confused, pissed off, and the Maddox boys treat sex like a meaningless distraction. It obviously meant nothing, he was drunk, and in a shitty place. I can get it. Sort of.

The deal breaker for me? The jackass didn’t use a condom. He. Didn’t. Use. A. Condom. And, he knew that there was a chance the two could get back together. I forgave Travis in Beautiful Disaster because he and Abby had been broken up, like, for real, for months when he brought someone home, and he really didn’t think he would get her back. And he was planning on using a condom. Okay?

But did it end there? No, it f*ckig didn’t. It was bad enough that Falyn stayed with him after that, but she actually blamed herself. WTF? Seriously. What in the actual f*ck? NO, IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. YOU DID THE RIGHT THING. HE IS AN ASSHOLE.

THEN, when he finds out that the woman is pregnant, he wants Falyn to stay with him and raise the kid as her own. SORRY, BUT NO? How could you look at, and raise, a kid that came out of cheating like that? It’s not like he had the kid before he met her. HE CHEATED ON YOU. HE WAS IRRESPONSIBLE.

Can you tell I’m upset? I finished the book last night, and I’ve been unsettled ever since. I don’t classify the ending as a HEA. It makes me SAD. And ANGRY.

I wanted to like them. I did like them. Then that shit? No. I’m angry and repulsed and I want to throw the book on the floor and stomp on it.

For arguments sake, I will say that it’s sort of realistic. But only in the sense that it wouldn’t really be statistically possible for all five brothers to find and have such perfect relationships. If they all ended the same, that would probably bug me as well. But, and I think I’ve mentioned this before, I like HEAs. That’s why I read romance. If I wanted to read about cheating asshloes and depressing shit, I would go on Facebook. Ugh. Whatever. I’m pissed.

My favourite quote?

“Maybe you should quit smoking.”

IT’S ABOUT F*UCING TIME. This has bothered me from the start. Smoking is disgusting. You guys are kissing ashtrays. Like, Jesus. Just ask them to quit. They love you. They will. It will save their lives. UGH.

Also, what was with Flayn not drinking in front of people? That was never really explained. God, I just want to drill a hole through this book. ANGER.

In conclusion, these books are trash. Beautiful Disaster was wonderful. Really, it was. But McGuire has just been floating by since then. Granted, I’m still reading them, so obviously something works, but still. Trash. Addictive trash, but still trash. I hate myself for enjoying them. Really, I do. Please judge me.

Overall rating: 8/10. I want to give it a 4. But I won’t, because I’m so worked up, so McGuire must have done something right. Feelings are still feelings, after all. All I’m going to say, is that Beautiful Burn (if it ever gets here – I ordered it from the UK WEEKS ago, and I’m still waiting) better be downright swoon worthy or I may have to lash out.



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