Review: Beautiful Burn by Jamie McGuire


Today I finally finished Beautiful Burn by Jamie McGuire. The book is technically the final Maddox Brothers book, focusing on Ellie Edson, a disowned billionaire/addict who becomes involved with the final Maddox boy, Tyler. Like the others in the series, the book is a NA romance.

I’m not sure what to say about this book. It was… good. ish. I guess. I liked Tyler. Actually, I loved Tyler. Way better than his twin, he was sexy and sweet. Almost as good as Travis, definitely better than Trent and Taylor. Maybe even better than Thomas. He was swoon-worthy, even.

Ellie was also lovable. She was messed up, naturally – a total head-case. But I got her. She was a troubled addict who wanted to pull herself together. She was the first girl to be really and truly f*cked up, and the first girl to be on par with one of the boys. Ellie was even more hardcore than the brothers in terms of her sexual experimentation, manipulation, and nonchalance. Again, she was almost as good as Abby. Way better than Falyn and Cami. Better than Liis, even.

And yet…

The book was just lacking. Maybe I’ve become numb to the Maddox charm. Maybe the weird timelines and lacking plot have finally caught up.

Some of my main issues?

  1. What the hell is up with Paige? Her character made no sense to me. She was so clingy and crazy. Ellie had never met her prior to the start of the book, and yet almost immediately it was like they were BFFs/together/whatevers. The hell?
  2. Ellie’s job is just plain unrealistic. She can’t even write, and yet she is doing feature articles? She has never picked up a camera, and yet after one mini-lesson she is a photo-god? Nope. Can’t.
  3. I do not understand the whole Trex/Darby thing. You can’t just create that much curiosity about a character and then answer nothing. What the hell was his job? He worked with Thomas, right? Why lie to Darby? Just give me a freaking answer!
  5. Why did everyone enable Ellie’s drinking? She’s a clear addict, but these people are like “let’s go to a bar!” “Here, have a smoke!” “Let’s go to a party!” Staaaaap.

So, obviously I have some issues with this book aside from a serious lack of climax. I mean, the plot was a little lackluster as is. There was no curiosity inspired. There were no “what will happen?!”s. BUT, as I said, I did like the characters. Tyler loved Ellie so much, probably second only to Trabby. It was sweet how he loved her no matter what. No judgment. I also enjoyed the fact that they knew each other longer than just a few months. The progression of their relationship was more natural than all the rest, even if it was predictable.

Overall, I’m giving the book a 7/10. It probably deserves a lower rating, but I can’t bring myself to rate it that much lower than the others in the series. Maybe I’m having an off book week. Maybe I’m just sad the series is almost over.



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