Pusheen Box Spring 2017

The Pusheen Box is a quarterly subscription box filled with limited edition (and box exclusive) Pusheen themed items. As I’m in Canada, the box usually runs about $80, but I was hit with an additional $18 customs fee this round, making the box close to $100. This is the first time in all my subscription box buying history that I have been hit with customs. Needless to say, I wasn’t too impressed. NOT COOL, CANADA.

Now, onto the adorable goods!

IMG_6891 - Copy - Copy

The box itself is always extra-adorable (I haven’t been able to toss out any of my 3 previous boxes, and this guy is no exception). The theme this quarter was celebration!

IMG_6895 - Copy (2)

First up, a celebration-clad Pusheen t-shirt. The shirt is a little tent-like at the moment, but I anticipate a good shrinking once I wash it. The fabric is soft and will make for the perfect bed-time/lounging shirt. As the box doesn’t list prices, I’m going to take a stab and say the shirt will value around $20. Ish.

In keeping with the celebration theme, included were some Pusshen balloons, a Pusheen banner, and some Pusheen photo-op cutouts. Other than the balloons, I really can’t see myself using the other items. More likely than not, I’ll keep them for a bit before finally giving in and tossing them out. In terms of value, my guess is maybe $20, for the bunch.


To go with the photo-op cutouts, next up is a Pusheen selfie stick. I’ve never owned one, and I’ve never wanted one, but not that I have one, I’m sort of giddy. I will never use it in public, because I don’t want to be that person, but I think my selfies may have just gone up a level. The only issue is that I have an iPhone 7, which does not have a headphone jack, so in order to use the device, I need to locate the headphone adapter. Easier said than done. Woops. The item is probably valued around $40, based on the quality, comparable prices, and the fact that it has Pusheen’s adorable face on it.

Next up we have a Pusheen wireless speaker, and a Pusheen magnetic bottle opener. As for the bottle opener, I am more likely to use it as a cute magnet than I am for opening bottles. It’s probably valued around $15. And the speaker… Well, It’s probably just going to sit on my desk along with my Pusheen beach ball. The volume isn’t great, and every phone I’ve had for the past 8 years or so has had a built-in speaker, sooo… In terms of value, this little guy is probably closer to the $50 mark.


One of my favourite items this season is the Pusheen bento box and matching cutlery. I’ve been thinking about getting a bento box for my more intricate lunches, and now I have the cutest one possible. It’s BPA free and dishwasher safe, which is pretty much all I care about in terms of my food storage items. The price for both is probably around $40.

Last, but never least, is this season’s Pusheen vinyl figure! complete with bunny ears, cotton tail, and precious baby chicken, this Pusheen is Easter (and spring) ready. I’m not even mad that it missed out on the actual holiday. Pusheen lovers cannot be choosers. In terms of price, the figure is around $45. I think. Based on comparables and the fact that it’s a limited edition.

Overall, I’m giving the box a 5/10. I usually love my Pusheen boxes, but I just didn’t see the use/value this season. Coupled with the annoying customs fee I had to pay, I’m afraid this may be my last Pusheen box for a while. You know, unless there is a really freaking awesome spoiler. The total value is around $230. But probably not. I sort of wish they included prices, even if they were 100% made up. You know, for reference.




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