Vacation & E-book Preparation

I posted awhile ago about my internal debate over e-publishing one of my manuscripts myself. This particular manuscript hits close to home, and I’ve been dreaming about people reading it for ages. We all need dreams, right?

Well, as I’m currently on vacation from work for a week, I decided that it was as good a time as any to dive in and get things started. Let the journey begin!

Since I’ve been done the manuscript for ages, my main areas of focus from here to the release date (Fall 2017!!!) will be promotion/networking, formatting, OCD editing marathons (because 6 rounds of editing isn’t enough), and cover art design. I already have some ideas, but I’ll be posting here along the way for potential assistance/moral support/a place to cry where people can’t see.

I’m still moving ahead with queries for my most recent manuscript, as evident in my synopsis rant from earlier today, but as I mentioned before, I feel certain that self publishing is what’s right for GREEN.

As some of you may know, I’m already on Twitter. BUT, as I’m publishing under a pen name, I thought it prudent to create a Twitter account exclusively for my writing, reviews, promo, and networking. The new handle is @s_d_harrison.

Also relevant, my pen name is S.D. Harrison. Simple, yes, but it also involved a lot of research and self-torment, naturally. The pen name is a safety net, really, just in case the whole idea blows up in my face and I decided to job hunt one day. Failure is not something you want potential employers to see when they Google search you, after all.

I’m a realistic dreamer, so sue me.

Things are still exceptionally early in the process, but I’m excited that I’m finally taking matters into my own hands. Updates on my little journey of potential failure and despair will be sure to follow!


4 thoughts on “Vacation & E-book Preparation

    1. I’ve decided to use it for everything I self-publish for the time being. I feel like it’s a safer bet in terms of my non-writing career. I monitor my Google presence like a hawk, and I don’t want to burn any bridges!

      1. Thank you! It wasn’t an easy decision by any means, but now that I’ve actually made it, it definitely feels like the right choice. So much more freedom.


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