Review: Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

Finale is the fourth and final book in the Hush, Hush saga following the love and twisted drama of Nora, a recent addition to the Nephilim race. It’s a YA paranormal romance/fantasy of sorts told from Nora’s POV.

Some series start off slow and become amazing; some are amazing through and through; some suck; and some start off great and end up flopping toward the end.

I loved both Hush, Hush and Crescendo, but Silence and Finale were lacking. First of all, the timeline, which I gave props to in the first book, took a nosedive. The story was supposed to pick up right where Silence ended, and yet it read as though months had passed. Super frustrating.

Another issue I had was my new-found dislike of Patch. It didn’t last the entirety of the book, but it lasted long enough to piss me off. I found him to be a grade-A jerk at some points; no wonder Nora had trust issues–the guy kept a lot of secrets. AND he had the nerve to act like he was always honest. Omission is just as bad, buddy. I’m always annoyed when a girl character takes on a weak, Oh but I love him so I’ll forgive him without putting up a fight persona. It’s a terrible message to send, and I just don’t like it.  I EXPECTED MORE FROM YOU, NORA!

Okay. I’m calm now.

I’m going to be diving into spoiler territory now, so if you haven’t read the book and want to, please kindly exit the room. Or stick around. Which ever.

WTF was up with Vee suddenly being Nephilim? First, she should be around 17. Shouldn’t it have started to kick in a year ago? Second, the delivery was stupid. Plain and simple. It would have been better if, say, Nora had figured it out? But no, Vee was all, Oh yeah, you didn’t know? Hahahaha. Silly you. Well yeah. END OF CHAPTER. Who wasn’t a Nephil? For real though. Ridiculous twist.

I also have no idea why Dante was so obsessed with killing Nora. There was no point. She was standing in the way of NOTHING, at least by the end. He had everything he wanted. She didn’t pose a threat until he made her. Zero sense.

Finally, the ending was unbelievably cheesy and romantic, and not necessarily in a good way. Some of the best things to happen (Patch getting feelings, Marcie dying, Detective Basso, ect) happened so quickly that all depth was just zapped right out. It was cute, but also a let down. Their vows to each other were adorable, but Nora is 17 and not even done senior year. Just saying. At least Bella waited until she finished school…

Overall, I’m giving the book a 7/10. I liked the plot, and I liked a lot of the ideas, but the execution was lacking. Books one and two were way, way better.



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