Review: The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

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The Vincent Boys is a YA romance told from the POV of Ash, a “good girl” preacher’s daughter, and Beau, her old BFF/resident bad boy/her boyfriend’s cousin. I’m sure, if you have ever read a romance (or seen any teen movie ever), you can guess the plot: the good girl goes bad, falling for the bad boy.

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First thing is first: the sexual tension in the first 1/3 of the book is for real. Off the chain. It was steamy and intense and that’s what I like in my romance reads. But then it sort of… ends. Abruptly. I would even argue that the first 1/3 of the book would be more new adult as opposed to young adult. I know that there is an ‘extended edition’ out there that likely includes a better transition, but I feel like Glines should have gone all in with the main version. By cutting out the sex and changing the tone so drastically, the flow of the book suffered. I felt like I skipped a handful of chapters. She would have been better off to label the book as NA and let things flow naturally.

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Now, the characters. I liked Beau; he was sexy and charming and sweet, which is all you need from a male lead. Ash, on the other hand, I found to be inconsistent. The first chapter introduces her as a feisty tomboy. Then she does a 180% into a weak, vulnerable little girl. I know part of the storyline was that she changed when she started dating Sawyer, but it just wasn’t believable. She wasn’t a bad girl trapped in a good girl’s body. She was sort of a bitch who cheated on her boyfriend and then was too weak to own up to it. She couldn’t even defend herself toward the end, and that didn’t ring true to the ball of fire Beau kept describing. Maybe she really did change. That’s fine. That happens. But it bothered me that she kept claiming not to have changed at all. She wasn’t just acting like a different person. She was a different person.

On the topic of Sawyer, I hated him. Who talks that way? He was supposed to be perfect, but I just found him to be boring and a terrible boyfriend. I know his book is coming up next, and I can’t see myself loving it. Lana was an interesting character, and I’m interested to see how she changes after the big divorce, but I can’t see myself liking Sawyer. Nope. Sorry.

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The best part of the book was near the end, when Ash’s dad had a change of heart. I’ve met a lot of people like him in my life, and I’ve always wished they would change. As unrealistic as his change was, it was sweet and I wish it happened more in real life.

Overall, I’m giving the book a 7/10. I loved the first third, but I couldn’t get past the random change in tone/what I felt like were missing chapters.



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