FabFitFun Summer 2017 Box

What better way to celebrate the Summer Solstice than with the arrival of my summer FabFitFun box?! The box is all purple and blue this season (at least mine was), and while I normally like brighter colours for the summer, I get that they’re going for the beachy waves vibe.

The first things I grabbed out of the box were a three-month subscription to an online cooking class (can’t say I read too much about it as I never use this stuff, but I like the little extras nonetheless), and a sample of collagen powder, which you mix into food/drinks for skin/nail/hair benefits. I’m not usually into stuff like this, but since I have it, I will give it a try. Neither of these items counted toward the value of the box, so I didn’t bother snapping a picture.

Next up I got the cutest bottle ever, which also held a pretty little Kris Nations Mystic Bar necklace valued at $58. My stones were peach moonstones, which provide strength, inner peace, and growth (who doesn’t need all of that, right?). I love the bottle, and the necklace is perfect for long summer dresses and layering. I also included the Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk in the picture, because I didn’t feel it was worth its own. Valued at $20, this was a “choice” item: Beauty or FItness. Obviously, I chose beauty.

This season everyone got to choose between chef, traveler, and artist. I chose chef because I love cooking, and in turn I got a Himalayan Pink Salt Kit. It looks gorgeous, and I’m not sure if I will be able to bring myself to use it. It’s valued at $26. I sort of wish I went with the traveler option, as they got a passport cover and luggage tag (which I’ve been meaning to buy for myself), but both top the art kit that the artists chose.

One of my favouite items this season is the Michael Stars Ruana. Valued at $54, this little gem can be a scarf, a shawl (my pick), or a sarong. It’s extra soft and breezy, perfect for the beach or even the office. Love, love, love!

It wouldn’t be FFF without the standard beauty items, so up next we have Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate ($29), Eau Thermale Avene Ultra-light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ ($24), and Cargo Cosmetics Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze ($30). The eye cream smells milky and weird and I can’t say I love it, but I’m all about starting young when it comes to fighting aging, so I will use this eventually. Likewise, you can never have too much sunscreen. Although I already have my go-to Clinique stuff, this stuff looks decent. It doesn’t have that nasty smell to it, either, which is always a plus. Finally, the bronzer is light enough that it adds a mere shimmer to my extra-pale skin. Aren’t I radiant?? I’m not usually a bronzer girl, but this stuff is nice.


Last, and sort of least, we have a BKR Little water bottle (500ml) valued at $35. It comes in either blue or pink and it’s made of glass, so no nasty BPA to worry about. It’s cute, but it’s also heavy as f***, so I can’t see myself carrying it around. It may be a leave in the car or at work sort of bottle, which I’m cool with.

Overall, I’m giving this box a 6/10. I love the shawl and the necklace (plus the bottle), but I can’t really say I got my money’s worth. The box has a total value of $272-285.50, depending on which options you chose, but I just don’t feel it. I’m sure I’ll use most of this stuff eventually, but they wouldn’t have been my first picks.

Once again, the only fitness item is FFFTV, which I will never use. I guess I’m fine with that, but… false advertising? Oh well. Could be worse for $85CAD, right?




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