FabFitFun Fall 2017 Box

FFF is a quarterly subscription box featuring beauty, fashion, and occasionally (but not really anymore) fitness items valuing well over $200 USD. My favourite thing about this box (other than the surprise, of course) is getting to try new items that I would never, ever pay retail value for.

This season’s box was a big hit with me; I’ll use nearly every single item, which makes it 100% worth the $75 CAD I spent on it. First impression: The box was a lot bigger than the past few boxes. I know they say size doesn’t matter, but… well, size matters, okay?

My first find in the box was the TrèStiQue Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon ($28) in Tuscan Wine. I love red lips for fall, and this colour is brilliant. Even the setup is cool with a magnetic lid (which may or may not have startled me on first inspection), and it feels soft and smooth on my lips–no drying out with this bad boy. There was another colour option, Florence Fig, which seems to be more neutral.

Next up is the Whish Renewing Mud Mask ($48). I’ve tried samples of this mask before, and while it’s not my go-to mask of choice, it does feel fantastic and I will definitely use it up. Plus, it’s only a 2-minute treatment, so it’s perfect for a quick refresh.

The next item was one of the two choices non-select members were allowed to choose for themselves. The options were a hair treatment and the above MOLR Dental Club Organic Carbon + Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder ($45). This stuff is disgusting: Wet your toothbrush (they kindly provided one, thank baby angels), dip it in the black powder of doom, and then brush away. During the process your whole mouth is transformed into a black pit of despair, resulting in the sink also resembling a black pit when finished. I haven’t noticed a whitening difference just yet, but I can say with confidence that having a black tongue is not attractive. All grossness aside, I was excited to try this product, and I will keep using it until I spot some sort of difference.

FFF always seems to throw in some kind of homedecor-ish item, which I always adore. This season, we have the Imm Living Coxet Wire Heart Ceramic Jewelry Holder ($33). Practically speaking, I’ll probably use this infrequently as I have a jewelry box that I love already, but it’s just so pretty that I have zero qualms about letting it sit on my dresser looking cute. It’s a rose gold colour (my favourite) and the geometric heart design is just plain cool.

The second non-select member choice item was between a little wool hat (I don’t do hats), and a wrap-around belt (I sometimes do belts). The Mia Belt by b-Low the Belt ($55) is actually really well-made and once I figure out how to use it, will likely be put to use. I’ve always had issues with belts like these–I get frustrated with the tying process and give up shortly after beginning, but I want to find a way to wear this one. I have a feeling it will look cute with a breezy dress and boots (the summer-to-fall transition staple, obviously).

One of the oddest items in the box was the My TagAlongs Hot & Cold Gel Pack ($15). This little guy can be used as an ice pack and a heating pad, depending on your need, and it feels SO WEIRD. I honestly spent a good 5 minutes just squishing it around in my hands. I love the chill of fall coupled with the feel of man-made warmth, so I will definitely be wrapping myself in a blanket with this this season.

The box also included Deco Miami Lavender Cuticle Oil ($12.50), which is packaged so beautifully I almost don’t want to use it. I’m a sucker for cuticle/nail oils. I have no idea if they work, but damn, do they ever feel nice.

So, what would life be without 7,000 tote/gym bags? I have little to say about the Private Party Gym Bag ($59). I have so many of these bags that if I get one more, I’m going to have enough stock to open up a store to sell them. Please, Retail God, stop giving people bags. There are so many other options. Please, just pick one!

One of my favourite items in the box is the Mer Sea Cozy Wrap ($98). It is so soft and fluffy and wonderful. I have had problems in the past wearing 100% polyester scarves (hives!), but I love this so much that I may risk it. It is a tad bulky to be worn as a scarf (in my opinion), but it will make for a good wrap for chilly days, and, as the box mentions, it does look cute on a bed.


Little bonus: Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths. I love these things; they are perfect for tossing in your purse or car.

Add on: I was amazed to learn that I had add-on dollars, so I added Daily Micro Derm Face and Body Scrub ($35) to my box for $11. This stuff was originally in the summer 2016 box, and I love it. It’s perfect for right after you take your makeup off; it leaves my face feeling soft and extra-clean. Since I’m almost out, I just had to get some more.


Overall, I’m giving this box a 9/10. It has a retail value of over $350, making it well worth the $50 USD price. Like I said, I’ll use pretty much everything (stupid, useless gym bag excluded), and I found there was a good mix of beauty, fashion, and home items. If you’ve never tried FFF, I highly recommend it. There’s nothing like a box full of random crap once every three months to put a smile on your face.



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