On the Fifth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me… A Wishlist!

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Seeing as the gift in the original song is 5 golden rings, I thought it was only fitting to write about the things on my list this holiday season. So many of the things I want are practical, things that I need to buy myself, but would rather not. It’s sort of sad, when you think about this nasty part of adulthood. Sometimes I wish I could ask for toys; sometimes I wish I still played with toys, you know, so it would make sense to ask for them. But alas, once you hit your late teens (or mid-twenties), your gift lists become so…well, dull.

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My list tends to be similar each year, with a few variations, depending on my needs that given year.  I usually spend Boxing Day buying whatever items I do not get, and by January 1st, I’ve usually obtained 99% of the list. See? Sad.

I think perhaps, as you get older, the fun part is buying for everyone else, but lists still must be made nonetheless, otherwise, you’re that person who says “Oh, I don’t know. Anything is fine.” Everyone hates that person. Don’t be that person. Get listing!

Here is my list, and some potential ideas for you chronic I-don’t-know-ers.

  • Books. Books, books, books. I’m going to write a post dedicated to my book wishlist, because there simply are too many to list. One can never have too many books.
  • 2018 Journal. It was my 2017 resolution to write a little each day, and having a journal really helps. I like the Moleskin ones, as they come with fun stickers, and a large enough space for each day to write down a thought or two.
  • 2018 Calendar. I can’t ring in the new year without a calendar. It would be sheer madness, and I just can’t live like that. For the past few years, I’ve gone the Pusheen route. I don’t know about you, but I like to start my day by looking at a cat.
  • A new hair dryer. I go through these things every 1-2 years. I love the feel of a fresh new styling appliance on my hair.
  • Victoria’s Secret pajamas and slippers. It wouldn’t be Christmas without new jammies and slippers, and everyone knows that VSecret is the way to go. Plus, the slippers are usually free when you buy the jammies, so it makes for a good bonus.
  • Winter jacket. I live in Canada, AKA I’m cold, all the time. I swear, the weather gets colder each year, and my old parka just isn’t cutting it. I have my eye on a down-filled red parka that I just so happen to be madly in love with.
  • Sorels. I hate these boots. They are the ugliest things to ever exist, and yet, Canada is cold, and I’m too old to wander about with cold, wet feet. Sometimes, practicality wins out over fashion (I’m sorry, 15-year-old me).
  • Tote Bag. I go through purses like normal people go through Kleenex. Every season I like to have a new bag (unless it’s designer, in which cases it lasts a bit longer); nothing says new year like new bag!
  • Socks. You can never have enough socks, and Christmas would be a big waste if I didn’t get a single pair. See what I mean about practicality?
  • Perfume. I don’t know why, but perfume is one of those things that I have never bought for myself. I’ve worn the same kind since I was 14, but I’ve never actually bought a bottle. I typically run out every 2 years or so, just in time for Santa. Pure convenience.

What’s on your wishlist this year?



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