Review: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Illustrated Edition by J. K. Rowling & Jim Kay

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Well, here we are the end of my HP illustrated adventure. Of course, I will be re-reading books 4-7, but it just won’t be the same. I’ve been spoiled. If you haven’t read my reviews of HP and the Philosopher’s Stone & HP and the Chamber of Secrets illustrated editions, allow me to catch you up: These editions are awesome. If you’ve been thinking about collecting a second (or third, or fourth) (or heaven forbid, first *shudders*) set of HP books, I have to recommend these.

As I’m sure you know, book 3 is quite different from the others in the series. It’s the only book that doesn’t involve Voldemort trying to off Harry, it introduces us to some key characters, and it gives us some background info that we’ve been desperately needing. While the movie version is by far my least favourite of the series (yes, it even trumps #5), book #3 happens to be one of my favouirtes.

This may have to do with Crookshanks, it may not.

Image result for crookshanks

God, I love that cat. Why did they ruin him in the movie? WHY?

Moving on.

Like the first two, the images Kay gives us bring the book to life in a new way. They are creative, stunning, and hard to turn away from. My favourites tend to be the chapter headings.


How stunning is that? I’m currently reading book #4, and I have to say, it’s going much faster than 1-3. It’s hard to turn away from the pictures. All you want to do is stare and appreciate them for 10-15 minutes each.

My only issue with the book (other than the weight) is the format. Oh, and the colour. Book 1 was red. Book 2 was orange. Why is book 3 purple? It’s called a rainbow, people. 7 books, 7 colours. I mean, come on!

Anyway, back to format. I found that there was a good amount of wasted space, often at the end of the chapters, where a picture would have fit wonderfully. Similarly, some of the pictures depicting a scene/character come before/well after the words, which does detract a bit. I’d say they should work on their formatting for future editions (but this is just me being picky).

Overall, I’m giving the book a 10/10. No Harry Potter book could ever get anything less. Ever. Except maybe The Cursed Child, but that doesn’t really count.

Let me leave you with my favouirte line from the book:

“And at long last, Harry believed him.”

Yes, I cry when I read that. Every time. Like a baby.



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