Review: Deity by Jennifer Armentrout

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Deity is the third installment of the Covenant series, a YA fantasy revolving around the descendants of the Greek Gods.

I won’t lie, when I started the series, I wasn’t sold. The plot was a little too close to Vampire Academy for my liking, BUT, unlike most series that fail to pull me in right from the start, this series has done nothing but redeem itself.

As we get ever closer to Alex’s 18th birthday (Awakening Day), the drama continues to grow, the surprises reveal themselves, and the sexiness finally picks up.

The first half of this book gave me trust issues. I could not, for the life of me, figure out who the bad guys were vs. the good guys. Every time I thought someone was Team Alex, they did something sketchy. Every time I thought someone was Team Other Guys, they did something redeeming. I felt like every character had an ulterior motive (even if I couldn’t figure out the motive), which made the reveals closer to the end far more satisfying.

For me, the integration of the Gods into the actual story-line was probably the most exciting change, as I’ve always been obsessed with Greek Mythology. I adore Apollo. He is lovely. Well, for now. Who knows, at this rate I will have flipped on him by next book just like I did with Seth.
If you’ve read my previous reviews, you know I was Team Seth from the get-go. I never liked Aiden (can’t say that I do now, either), but Seth has done a 180. I’m really hoping things change in his favour, but right now I may have to switch to Team Aiden (or Team Anyone Else).
Religion and faith are huge themes in the series, this book in particular. Even though their whole society is based around these gods, Alex has very limited faith in them. I find many of her arguments are similar to those of atheists and those who question their faith (i.e. they created all this, and then they abandon us to injustice and suffering; the twisting of the Gods’ words by their followers to better suit their personal agendas; etc). I’m always a fan of religious controversy in my novels, and I love the spin this book puts on that popular concept.
Finally, the ending freaked me out, and I’m super pumped to read the novella between books 3 & 4 (even though it’s from Aiden’s POV–I wish I knew why I hate him, but I can’t put my finger on it). I love a good dun, dun, dun, at the end of my books.
Overall, I’m giving the book an 8/10. While I don’t love the characters, I love the concept, and the story. If the characters were more my cup of tea, the book would easily be getting a 9, which is high praise coming from me.


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