October: The Most Magical Time of the Year

Yes, I am one of those people. I like pumpkins and crunchy leaves and sweaters (side note, it’s almost UGG season!).

October is the beginning of Fall (aka the beginning of holiday season). Gone are the days of humidity and nasty sun shining through my window at 6 a.m.

Every October 1st I wind down, ready for spooky movies (Scream marathon, anyone?), festive treats, and indoor crafts.

I have a few goals/projects lined up for the month, including a few books I want to get through before Christmas season is upon us.

I’m currently reading The Disaster Artist, recommended to me by my brother. Following the pattern, I think I’ll squeeze in a few standalone books rather than pick up a new series.

As far as projects go, I’m still editing my soon-to-be (I hope) e-book, which I’m super excited about. After this phase of editing, I really need to find a cover art designer (if anyone knows someone, please let me know!). I’m hoping to publish by January, although my nerves keep pushing that date back.

I’m also working on prettying up my recipe book. I love cooking and baking, and there’s nothing that says Fall more than food. I have a super cute design, and when everything is dolled up I’ll print them out and laminate them. While I’m in the laminating mood, I’m going to make some cute fridge magnets, because why not?

I love little projects that make me feel fresh and accomplished.

Change is in the air, my friends! What projects are you guys excited about?


2 thoughts on “October: The Most Magical Time of the Year

  1. I love fall myself, I can’t wait for UGG weather! I want to write a book but i have no idea what about, how to get published, or where to even start. Hmm, do you like the book you’re reading now? It sounds interesting just by the title alone.

    1. Honestly, I never even considered writing a book until I sat down one day and words started to come out. Now that it’s done, it seems silly not to attempt to do something with it!

      I’m only a few chapters in at the moment, but it’s nothing like I expected. It’s probably one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. Plus it’s well-written (thus far). It’s a non-fiction about the production of the film The Room, which is supposed to be one of the worst movies ever made. I’ve never actually seen it, but I’m still loving the book.


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