Review: Charmed Aroma Candles

I recently gave in and bought a few Charmed Aroma candles. I'm not a ring person, so I opted for the necklace and earring candles. First up, the Vanilla Bean necklace candle. I couldn't decide if I loved the smell at first, but after it had been burning away for a couple of hours, it… Continue reading Review: Charmed Aroma Candles


Online Shopping Spree: Feb. 2017

After my recent tax-filing celebration, I rewarded myself with a little online shopping (not that I ever need a reason). But if you're ever looking for one, fresh money in the bank is a good place to start. First up: Charmed Aroma I've been tempted by the ring-reveal videos for forever, but I've held back because… Continue reading Online Shopping Spree: Feb. 2017